fOSSa 2015

Amphithéâtre Ricordeau - Faculté d'Ondotologie - Nantes

23 - 25 septembre 2015

Day 3 - Citizen Clouds: Towards a more decentralized internet ? Friday 25th September 2015

img-exposeDanielKaplanFossa2015 The talk of Daniel Kaplan

The slides
The slides

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Self Data:
Empowering people with their own personal data
(time: 45:48 mn)

Daniel Kaplan
, the founder and CEO of the Next Generation Internet Foundation FING

At 39:04 mn, Daniel Kaplan answers to the questions of audience img-flecheHaut


What would happen if organizations that gather personal data actually shared those datasets with the individuals concerned ?

We call it Self Data: the collection, use and sharing of personal data by and for individuals, under their complete control and designed to fulfill their own needs and aspirations.

Discover the Self Data planet, its potential, and the challenges we need to tackle together. img-flecheHaut


DESCENT: Plug-based Decentralized Social Network (time: 20:54 mn)

Pascal Molli,
Professor in University of Nantes, head of GDD team in LINA

At 18:16 mn, Pascal Molli answers to questions of the audience img-flecheHaut


DeSceNt is  reasearch project of Labex CominLabs that aims to ease the writing of distributed programs on a federation of low-cost plug computers such as Raspberry pi (25$). Plug computers open the opportunity for everyone to create cheap nano-clusters of domestic servers, host data and services and federate these resources with their friends, colleagues, and families based on social links. This project’s vision is that plug computers can form the core component of a social-based infrastructure organized around the concept of federation. We will demonstrate how it is possible to deploy real-time collaborative editors such as google doc relying just on browsers and plug computers i.e. without servers. img-flecheHaut

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