fOSSa 2015

Amphithéâtre Ricordeau - Faculté d'Ondotologie - Nantes

23 - 25 septembre 2015

Day 1 - Crowd Teaching // Crowding Scientific Research Wednesday 23rd September 2015

img-SophieTouzeFossa2015 The talk of Domi Enders

The slides
The slides

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CrowdTeaching & Openness, The future of open Education? (time: 38:13 mn)
Domi Enders
, the founder and CEO of Open Assembly

Introduction by Colin de la Higuera, professor at the University of Nantes

At 34:25 mn, Domi Enders answers to questions of the audience img-flecheHaut


OER has won the “Battle of Open”, to quote Martin Weller, but how will it achieve mainstream adoption? I would argue that each of us in the Commons may ultimately–if we are to continue working towards mainstream adoption of our mission of affordability, openness and innovation in education–take the lead by supporting and shaping emergent open business models.
Otherwise, is it really sustainable for OER’s mission to be entirely sustained by non-profits and governmental agencies? img-flecheHaut


Open Worms – Open Science now! (time: 57:50 mn)
Matteo Cantarelli, co-founder of OpenWorm

Introduction by Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, research director at Inria, heading the Flowers team

 At 53:39 mn, Matteo Cantarelli answers to questions of the audience



This talk will explore how OpenWorm is building a digital microscopic roundworm completely open source. The project has developed a variety of models, tools and platforms aimed at simulating the worm while coordinating an international open science community of 60+ people in the process. img-flecheHaut

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