fOSSa 2015

Amphithéâtre Ricordeau - Faculté d'Ondotologie - Nantes

23 - 25 septembre 2015

Day 2 - Open Design // DIY Village // Ecological Transitions Thursday 24th September 2015

img-exposeDanielKaplanFossa2015 The talk of Daniel Kaplan



the slides (pdf)

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TRANSITIONS 2 (time: 22:53 mn)

Daniel Kaplan, The founder and CEO of the Next Generation Internet Foundation - FING

The talk opens the Workshop on Ecological Transitions

img-debatJacquesFrancoisMarchandise Introduction by Jacques-François Marchandise, cofondateur et directeur de la recherche et de la prospective de la Fing img-flecheHaut


Transitions²: The digital transition meets the ecological transition

  • The ecological transition has a clear goal, but knows not how to get there.
  • The digital transition transforms everything, yet knows not into what. Each of these transitions needs the other!
  • Can we put the transformative power of digital technology, practice and culture to work toward the ecological transition?
  • Can we make the ecological transition as inviting, disruptive, exciting, motivating – and even as addictive – as the digital transformation!?

    The Transitions2 programme & platform intends to achieve this. How can opensource help? img-flecheHaut

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