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A Database Perspective on Large Scale High-Dimensional Indexing

img-LaurentAmsalegHDR2014 Laurent Amsaleg (LinkMedia)

Habilitation defense - november 20th, 2014

The talk

(Timing: 51:27 mn - Format MP4 - Downloading file)

The members of the Jury:

- Jean-Marc Jézéquel: Président
- Michel Crucianu: Rapporteur
- Tamer Özsu: Rapporteur
- Shin'ichi Satoh: Rapporteur
- Edward Chang: Examinateur
- Éric Diehl: Examinateur
- Patrick Valduriez: Examinateur
- Marcel Worring: Examinateur

img-logoPDFpetiteTaille The slides (PDF)
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img-FlecheBasHDRLaurentAmsaleg Note:

img-logoWorkshopMultimediaDatabases Laurent Amsaleg's Habilitation defense took place during a workshop.

Similarity, K-NN, Dimensionality, Multimedia Databases (program)

Eight scientific talks have been presented. Due to copyright reasons, only 4 scientific talks were recorded during this workshop. They are on line on this page. Information about the 8 talks presented is however available.