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Colloquium rennais des sciences du numérique

4ème édition du colloquium - 11 octobre 2013

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Sylvain Argentieri, Maître de conférences à l'ISIR

Towards active binaural robot audition (durée: 28: 13 mn)


Note: The questions of the audience at 23:12


Audition is often described as one of the most important human senses, particularly because of its central role in communication and socialization. But surprisingly, the interest of this modality for robotics arose only in the 2000s, brought to evidence by Cognitive robotics and Human-Robot Interaction. In recent years, robot audition research has covered numerous fields, from source localization to computational auditory scene analysis. Following a short review of the specificities of the robotics context, the different contributions on the robot audition research field of the PAM (Multimodal Active Perception) group, part of the ISIR (Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics) lab will be introduced.

After a summary of our past work on microphone arrays, this talk will focus on binaural approaches, which exploit only two microphones, generally located inside an artificial head. In this complex context, robotics provides a new solution: the use of  binaural sensor movement information. Several active approaches based on this feature will then be introduced: localization of a potentially moving sound source through stochastic filtering algorithms, as well as a new approach to auditory perception relying on a sensory-motor integration inspired by recent works connected to the psychology of perception.