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Vendredi 11 octobre 2013

img-FredericBimbotColloquiumScienceMusique L'édition du Colloquium est présentée par Frédéric Bimbot, directeur de recherche CNRS (PANAMA)

Guillaume Gravier (IRISA)

img-colloquiumSylvainArgentieri L'exposé de Guillaume Gravier
Chargé de recherche CNRS (équipe IRISA-INRIA TEXMEX)

Guillaume Gravier Linking media contents for navigation : the TEXMIX story (durée: 22: 47 mn)

Note: la séance des questions est à 19:12


Multimedia content linking is an emerging field of research with ongoing projects (e.g., LinkedTV, inEvent, BBC iPlayer) and numerous potential industrial applications in the field of multimedia asset management (linked digital archives, second screen applications or rich MOOC).

At IRISA/INRIA Rennes, we are pursuing research in this line of work, developing TEXMIX, an emblematic demo illustrating the notion of navigation in broadcast news archives where links are created based on content similarities. I will present the demo and brush the technologies inside (e.g., ASR, named entity extraction, topic segmentation, motif discovery, audio summarization) concluding with open issues and research directions.