Future Cloud Symposium

Monday 23rd June 2014 - Inria Conference Center - Rennes

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img-FutureCloudIdeaChallengeFinalEITICTLabs2014 Cloud Computing Idea Challenge Finals [1h:36 mn]
includes Introduction, 9 pitches. Each pitches ends by questions of the jury.

pitch n°1: [2:41 mn] ; pitch n°2: Bringing high quality of experience to every interaction [12:45 mn]
pitch n°3: Ultra-Scalable Real-Time Big Data Analytics [23:33 mn] ; pitch n°4: Real-Time Digital Creation Player [35:02 mn]
pitch n° 5: [43:32 mn] ; pitch n° 6: Stimergy [54:18 mn]
pitch n°7: webmate, Automatic testing of Web-Applications [60:04] ; pitch n°8: [60:15 mn]
pitch n° 9: Xpressomics, Gene expression Analytics [60:26 mn]



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