21 st international conference
on domain decomposition methods

(25 -29 June 2012)

The sessions

Monday June 25 2012 Tuesday June 26 2012 Wednesday June 27 2012 Thursday June 28 2012 Friday June 29 2012

Monday June 25 2012

The conference has been co-organized by the team SAGE of Inria and the LMNO at the University of Caen.

It tooks place at Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together mathematicians, scientists, and engineers working on various aspects of domain decomposition methods.

Jocelyne Erhel, INRIA research director (SAGE team-project) has opened the conference by a welcome message.


Welcome message (time: 17:57)
Jocelyne Erhel (Inria) - Taoufik Sassi (University of Caen) [7:45 ] - Lamri Adoui (Vice-president of University of Caen) [8:14] - Arnaud Debusshe (ENS-Cachan-Bretagne) [12:34]

Plenary P1

Chair: Ralf Kornuber

Plenary P2

Chair: Ralf Kornuber

img-conf-L-Halpern-25-juin2012 img-conf-G-Pichot-25-juin2012

Laurence Halpern ( Laga - Université Paris XIII)

Optimized Schwarz Wave from Relaxation and Applications to Semilinear Equations

Géraldine Pichot (Inria - project Sage)

On robust numerical methods for Solving Flow in Stochastic Fracture Networks


Tuesday June 26 2012

Plenary P4

(Chair: Alfio Quarteroni)

Plenary P5

(Chair: Alfio Quarteroni)

img-Markus-sarkis-conf-26-juin-2012  img-JinFa-Lee-conf-26juin-2012

Jin-Fa Lee (ElectroScience Lab - ECE Department - Ohio State University)

An Expedition to Solving a Multiscale Electrodynamic Problem


Plenary P6

(Chair: David E. Keyes)


Wednesday June 27 2012

Plenary P7
(Chair: Laurence Halpern)

Plenary P8
(Chair: Laurence Halpern)
img-img-Hyun-Kim-conf-27-juin-2012  img-Beatrice-Riviere-27juin-2012
Plenary P9
(Chair: Petter Bjorstad)
Plenary P10
(Chair: Petter Bjorstad)
img-Xiao-Chuan-Cai-conf-27-juin-2012  img-Eberhard Bansch-27juin-2012

Xiao-Chuan Cai (Department of Computer Science - Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Monolithic Schwarz Algorithms for Simulation and optimization of Blood Flows

Eberhard Bänsch (Department Mathematik - Universität Erlangen- Nürnberg)

A Finite Element Method for particulate Flow

Thursday June 28 2012

Plenary P11

(Chair: Olof B. Wildhund)

Plenary P12

(Chair: Olof B. Wildhund)

img-Bianca-de-Dios-conf-28-juin-2012  img-Chensong-Zhang-28juin-2012

Bianca Ayuso de Dios (centre de Recerca Matematica - Barcelona)

Some Solvers for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

Chensong-Zhang (LSEC - Chinese Academy of Sciences )

Fast Auxiliary Space preconditioning
Implementation and applications in Complex Flows

Friday June 28 2012

Plenary P13

(Chair: Suzanne C. Brenner)

Plenary P14

(Chair: Suzanne C. Brenner)

img-Ralph-Hiptmair-conf-29-juin-2012  img-Michael-Holst-29juin-2012

Ralph Hiptmair (Department of Mathematics - ETH - Zürich )

Novel Multi-Trace Boundary Element Methods for Scattering

Michael Holst (Department of mathematics - Center for Computational Mathematics - University of California)

Error Estimates and FEEC for Critical Exponent Problems


Jocelyne Erhel, INRIA research director (SAGE team-project) has closed the conference by a closing message.


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