21 st international conference
on domain decomposition methods

(25 -29 June 2012)

The conference has been co-organized by the team SAGE of Inria and the LMNO at the University of Caen.

The second invited conference, Tuesday june 26th, includes two sessions (morning and afternoon). The afternoon session includes the talk of Clemens Pechstein (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz),introduced by David E. Keyes.

Afternoon session

Introduction of the talk
David E. Keyes

Professor at the Department of Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics - Columbia University [time: 0:56]

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The invited conference

Substructuring for Multiscale Problems

img-orateur-L-Halpern Clemens Pechstein

The talk

logo-small-pdf the slides (pdf)
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time [ 36:55]

Questions to Clemens Pechstein [ 1:42]

Question2 [1:04]


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