“We all know people who are very bright but who do not always shine when it comes to being logical. They have the ability to think logically —that is, clearly and effectively— but that ability does not habitually manifest itself. The likelihood is that it has never been properly developed, pointing to a deficiency in their education. Indeed, logic is the very backbone of a true education, and yet it is seldom taught as such in American schools. To my mind, logic is the missing piece of the American educational system, the subject that informs every other subject from English to history to science and math.”
Being Logical: A Guide to Good Thinking, D.Q. McInerny

The Fourth International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic, was held in Rennes on June 9-12, 2015. There was lectures, discussion sessions, round tables and software demonstrations. The scientific talks has been recorded and you will be able to access to the lectures.

To access to scientific presentations (video)

Closing session

Tuesday June 9th

Wednesday June 10th

Thursday June 11th

Friday June 12th

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