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Distributed pervasive emergency management

img-ErolGelenbeICTDM2015 Erol Gelenbe

Conference ICT-DM' 2015

Espace conférences Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique

November 30, 2015

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Introduction of Erol Gelenbe's talk by Gerardo Rubino [3:33 mn]

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Erol Gelenbe's talk [45:56 mn]

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Each year, several times a year unfortunately, most recently in Nepal in the Middle East and in the Mediterranean, we see that natural, man made, and technological catastrophes, and conflict, result in too many victims. It is very hard to predict or prevent natural or technological disasters, but it is possible through technology and organisation to detect, locate and evacuate victims in a timely manner to save them. Each time, the challenges are to locate and track the victims, to find them, and to be able to coordinate the dynamic and fast scheduling of emergency teams and first responders.

This presentation and paper focuses on the information technology and engineering methods that are needed to locate victims and manage and dispatch the emergency teams. Numerous examples from realistic simulations of emergency situations are presented. Our purpose is to stimulate interest and research in this area. img-flecheHaut

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