img-EmilieBalland-Conflunch A talk by Nataliia Bielova

Post doctoral researcher, Celtic team - Inria - IRISA

Web Tracking technologies and privacy protection on the Web


Friday, October 25th, 2013


Web Tracking is an important problem in today's web applications. It is used to track the user's behaviour on the Web, and build rich user profiles, thus violating user's privacy. In today's web applications, tracking is implemented by a number of web technologies, including cookie management and browser fingerprinting. In this presentation, we will explain the basics of web tracking and focus on possible protection mechanisms (both research proposals and practical suggestions).


Nataliia Bielova is a post-doc at Celtique team of Inria Rennes. She got her PhD from the University of Trento in 2011, where she worked on a theory of runtime enforcement mechanisms for security policies. Today, her main interest is in enforcement of security and privacy in web applications, and in particular, in building mechanisms that would provably guarantee that the user's privacy is protected while surfing the Web.

Web Tracking technologies and privacy protection on the Web

(Time: 73:06 mn ; Questions's audience: 64:35mn)

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