Friday 19th August 2016 (part Three)

Markus Teich, libbrandt Privacy Preserving Auctions ; Volker Birk, p ≡ p’s head of development. (part two) ; Nicolas Petton, GNU Emacs 25.1 New libraries seq.el, map.el & stream.el, ; Ludovic Courtès, Emacs Interface

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img-MarkusTeichWorkshopGNU2016 libbrandt Privacy Preserving Auctions

by Markus Teich, Google summer of Code Project with the GNU organization [31:15 mn] - Friday 19th August 2016

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img-VolkerBirkWorkshopGNU2016 p ≡ p pretty Easy privacy (part two)

by Volker Birk, p ≡ p’s head of development [1h:15 mn]

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img-NicolasPettonGNU18aout2016 GNU Emacs 25.1 New libraries seq.el, map.el & stream.el

by Nicolas Petton, Web developer, Lisper, Smalltaker & Emacs maniac, Friday 19th August 2016 [25:42 mn]

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img-LudovicCourtesWorkshopGNU2016 Emacs Interface

by Ludovic Courtès, Research engineer at Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest, development and experimentation development (SED) (26:15 mn)

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