14th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association Special Focus: Speech in Life Sciences and Human Societies
In this page, you will find the principal events of INTERSPEECH conference (the welcome session, the keynotes, the ISCA 25th Anniversary, the Closing ceremony), organised by day, in order of time.


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Welcome session

Monday, August 26th

Keynote 1 Hynek Hermansky

Monday, August 26th

Keynote 2 Benjamin Munson

Monday, August 26th

Keynote 3 Anne-Lise Giraud

Tuesday, August 27th

Keynote 4 Maureen Clerc

Wednesday, August 28th

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Welcome Event

Monday, August 26th

The ISCA 25th Anniversary

Thursday, August 29th

Closing session of Interspeech

Thursday, August 29th

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