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img-logoInria Tuesday 8th / Friday 11st July 2014 - Cité Nantes events center

Thursday 10th July 2014 - The keynotes


Improvement of Civil Works Health Management EDF's Global Strategy
and major advances between 2008 and 2013 [26:51 mn]


Jean SALIN, Senior Research Engineer – EDF R&D, France


Graduated engineer in materials sciences in 1978, M.Salin joined Electricité de France in 1981 in the Operating Nuclear Division. During years he has been educated in NDT techniques by old mates, and involved in In Service Inspection of different metallic components as reactor vessel, turbines, heat exchanger... From 1998 to 2007 he acts as vice chairman of the EDF's Qualification Body for NDT, in accordance with the French regulation. Since 2008, he serves as senior research engineer for inspection and monitoring of civil engineering structures, and more recently, gets interest in the ISI of onshore wind turbine. A NDT career from metallic to concrete then composite components!


Pierre STEPHAN, Research Engineer - EDF R&D France


Dr Pierre STEPHAN is graduated in materials science and mechanics in 2004. After 5 years making expertise on metallic and composite components damaged by fatigue and wear at CETIM's labs (Technical Center of mechanical Industries), he joins eDf R&D as research engineer. His research topics interest now SHM of nuclear Civil Works (Cooling towers, reactors containment) and material (primary pumps for instance), hydraulic ones (Dams...) and photovoltaic power plants. that led him to work especially on monitoring methodologies, rebar's corrosion, and vibration analysis. He has been working for ten years in automotive and railway industry for new sensors development. His research interests include smart infrastructure, WSN, autonomous sensors and monitoring data processing for maintenance decision support tools. His is an active member of the SNCF Synapse Scientific & Techniques expertise group in the field of mechatronics.
He is an active partner of many research and innovation activities inside SNCF INFRA.
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