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Conférence ITP 2013 (Interactive Theorem Proving)

ITP 2013 is the fourth conference on Interactive Theorem Proving and related issues, ranging from theoretical foundations to implementation aspects and applications in program verification, security, and formalization of mathematics.

img-ITP2013DominiqueBolignano Invited talks ; img-ITP2013PeteManolios Tutorials

Invited talks

Applying formal methods in the large

Dominique Bolignano (Prove and Run), Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Automating theorem proving with SMT

Rustan Leino (Microsoft Research), Wednesday 24th July 2013

Certifying voting protocols

Carsten Schürmann (University of Copenhagen), Friday 25th July 2013


Counterexample Generation Meets Interactive Theorem Proving: Current Results and Future Opportunities

Pete Manolios (Northeastern University), Tuesday 23rd July 2013

The Mathematical Components library - principles and design choices

Assia Mahmoudi & Enrico Tassi (Microsoft Research -Inria Joint Center), Wednesday 24th July 2013

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